Gene Coyle has authored a number of books which, he stresses, are purely fictional. His most recent novel is entitled Nazi Gold, Portuguese Wine, and a Lovely Russian Spy is now available for purchase on Amazon.

O Mercador de Sonhos de Lisboa cover

nazi gold portuguese wine and a lovely russian spy cover





O Mercador de Sonhos de Lisboa

Shawn Reilly, ofi­cial da CIA, recruta ofi­ciais de informações estrangeiros para espiarem para os Estados Unidos, e considera que o seu trabalho é como vender sonhos a pessoas que precisam de dinheiro, pretendem ver os seus egos enaltecidos ou desejam vingar-se dos seus chefes ou dos seus governos.
Os vários ­fios da teia confluem em Lisboa. E é então que, além de desempenhar os seus deveres profi­ssionais, Reilly se vê forçado a enfrentar a questão acerca do que é realmente importante na vida para um espião à beira da reforma – o dever ou o amor? [Read More]

Nazi Gold, Portuguese Wine, and a Lovely Russian Spy

It’s 1943, and handsome young Charles Worthington is the chief of the American Office of Strategic Services in neutral Portugal. Because of its neutrality, Lisbon is the spy capital of wartime Europe. Spies from both sides mingle on the narrow cobblestone streets, the beaches, and at the famous Estoril Casino, in between nighttime meetings with agents, double agents, and simple conmen just trying to make a dollar, pound, or mark by selling bogus information to either side of the war. The closely guarded signals intercept program Ultra has revealed that the Italian Embassy in Lisbon is somehow obtaining Oss secrets, and Charles is tasked by Oss director Wild Bill Donovan to stop that leak. While pursuing that investigation, he hears a… [Read More]

A Spy’s Loney Path

Alexander Golovin is a respected, middle-aged Russian academic and currently a special advisor to the Russian Foreign Minister for the duration of the arms reduction talks with the Americans ongoing in beautiful Vienna, Austria. He is unhappily married, has a liberal-minded daughter who dislikes him for being part of the ever more repressive Putin government and he has a mistress half his age back in Moscow with whom he’d like to spend the rest of his life. He’s also being blackmailed by the Russian Ministry of Defense to make sure that his views and recommendations match those of the Army’s hardliners. He sees no way out of his unhappy situation until he meets a young CIA officer in… [Read More]

Diamonds And Deceit: The Search For The Missing Romanov Dynasty Jewels

Karl Beck is a former KGB officer who defected to America at the end of the Cold War and was resettled with his new name as a Slavic Literature professor at Indiana University. Beck is sixty, but tall, athletic and a charming man of the world. He is falling in love with Cathleen; an attractive woman half his age of the History department, whose mother and grandfather had been part of the underground IRA of Northern Ireland. He eventually reveals his true past to her and also that in the last few years, he has become involved with a secret, private espionage group… [Read More]

The Dream Merchant of Lisbon: The Game of Espionage

CIA officer Shawn Reilly recruits foreign officials to spy for the United States. He thinks of his job as selling dreams to people who need money, need their egos stroked or want revenge on their bosses or government. After spending many years in the hellholes of the world, he has wound up in the twilight of his career in Lisbon, Portugal where he faces a “by the book” boss, a crumbling marriage and Boris, the chief of the Russian intelligence service in Portugal who is likewise targeting Shawn. At the same time, the Libyan intelligence service is trying to lure a Central Asian chemical weapons… [Read More]

No Game For Amateurs: The Search for a Japanese Mole on the Eve of WW II

As America moves ever closer to joining the World War, which is already raging in Europe and the Far East, President Franklin D. Roosevelt on occasion turns to his old friend, Vincent Astor, who happens to be the richest man in America, to carry out espionage missions. Astor has hired Charles Worthington, a recent Harvard Law graduate as his personal assistant, and it is to Charles that many of the espionage tasks fall. The initially reluctant Charles struggles with his own conscience as he is drawn ever deeper into this world of shadows, where murder and deception are commonplace and all is often not as it first appears. The breaking of the Japanese diplomatic code alerts President Roosevelt… [Read More]